Taking transfer to the next level

A few words on our unique business story. We are Greek natives, born in Athens and surroundings, having travelled to, quite a few, beautiful places of the world. We share a passion for fine driving and exceptional vehicles and, we have been delivering transportation services for several years. Thus, we have a solid background in all kinds of transport.

We love our job and, offering the best, most exclusive services to our customers, was a well-predicted evolution. We are excited to launch our comfort transfer, special events, VIP transport services for Athens and Mykonos. It was a transition that came as naturally as plants growing with care.

We have grown through reputation, from mouth to mouth and, eventually decided to commit to what seemed to be the path for us, even from the early beginning. Premium transfer services for the highly demanding areas of Athens and Mykonos.

Looking back, there have been some significant milestones throughout our journey to luxury transfer. The initial idea was to capitalize on our solid knowledge on vehicles. We appreciate good, reliable automobiles that guarantee you a safe trip. We chose a fleet of fine vehicles and implemented our concrete know-how of transport services.


To bring comfort to the equation just turns transport to experience. We are here to offer just that and, we work every day to make the experience distinct, for you. We have introduced tailor-made transfer services to make your experience with us, even more unique.

We have chosen the ideal landscapes of Athens and Mykonos to offer high-end transfer services as, we consider them two of the most amazing places in the world.

Transfer Comfort Confidence is already well rooted as one of premium providers of exclusive transfer services in Athens and Mykonos. Transfer is one, we share in common, with our customers. Comfort is all about you. Take our word, our premium comfort service is a unique experience, far different than plain transfer. Confidence is our core asset. We are absolutely confident about the level and range of services that we provide, in any given circumstances.

The Drivers

We know well our drivers who, as a general practice, are multiply recommended. Nonetheless, we have established a scrutinized selection process through which all parties are confident that each position is occupied by the right person. We owe to that canon, our bunch of happy co-workers and, ultimately, a series of content, keep-coming customers. Our chauffeurs are highly professional, experienced and possess excellent social skills.

We rest assured that they will outperform themselves every day, in any given circumstances, on and off road. And, no matter how difficult the case or unusual the conditions, we are confident that inside our cars, it will always be a smooth ride and a fair weather.



Driver's Profile

  • Fluent English speakers

Command of the English language is a prerequisite; however, we encourage our drivers to acquire skills in additional foreign languages to the ones they already know.

  • Expert apprehension of road network and great Greek region

Our drivers are acquainted with transport issues, circulation circumstances and alternative itineraries and will make sure that you will reach site on time.

  • Excellent orientation skills

Besides knowing the territories of Athens and Mykonos like locals, wherever you want to go, leave it to our drivers to find the way back.

  • Great vehicles’ command

We feel strongly about that. Some people just have it with driving. Our people absolutely match the job. The majority of our drivers pilot several vehicles.

  • Strong sense of time

You can relax and forget the time. Your Athens or Mykonos VIP chauffeur will not. Just enjoy the experience of a ride in ultimate comfort and let the schedule be our worry.

  • Impeccable incidents’ record

This is, exactly, where our drivers’ expertise gets in the picture. In Transfer Comfort Confidence we have managed an impeccable safety record of zero injuries, zero damages to our cars. We drive with respect to our passengers, our cars and anyone else on the road.

  • Composure, gentleness, discretion, consideration

These are core characteristics that we look for, in our chauffeurs. They are professional, well trained and definitely a strong add up to the whole experience of transporting with Transfer Comfort Confidence.

We have introduced tailor-made transfer services to make your experience with us, even more unique.
  • Call for book an order: (30) 693 6716 796

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