Our Fleet

We have carefully selected our vehicles to match a premium comfort level, that will significantly add to customer pleasure.  We came up with an ideal selection of luxury cars to entertain a unique experience and, at the same time address roadway specifities of Athens district and Mykonos.  

Maintenance of our fleet is a core priority to us, such that all our vehicles’ maintenance is performed in-house and handled with the most care in our own workshops. Our high-quality cars are maintained at the highest standard by our trusted group of mechanics.

Safety and comfort are on the basis of our standards but, while building our group of cars, we invested in quality features, space, available technology for our passengers and a luxuriously equipped interior.

Our Fleet Models

  • Land Rover Range Rover Vogue

An elegant, sophisticated sport vehicle that will make it in any road. An ideal choice for ultimate comfort and generous space. Our Vogue Range Rover will effortlessly accommodate a small group of people and a fair number of sizable luggage.

A strong SUV, superbly comfort, with a powerful engine, suitable for off road excursions too. Fully equipped with the latest electronics, discretely deluxe, inside this Land Rover you will feel absolutely protected from road noise and deficiencies. A vehicle that does not go unnoticed.

  • BMW 740i

Our BMW-7 Series definitely is a premium luxury car that ranks high in this category of vehicles. A fine cruiser with a quiet cabin, spacious and relaxing, paired with quite some luxury features. Ultimate comfort serves as trademark for this car which is ideal for transferring you to your business meetings. In-cabin connectivity is a definite plus while, it is unlikely that you will ever notice road imperfections inside this sedan.

  • Mercedes Benz

An aristocratic automobile with a clear focus on passenger comfort and convenience. Enjoy first class chauffeur driven luxury in this classic carrier. Timeless beauty and high-grade technology coexist within the famous brand. Performance and luxury for you to travel with style and uncompromised safety. It is an automobile of unquestionable value that sets industry standards. We trust our BMW 740i to transfer you with unsurpassed style.

  • Mercedes Benz – Vito Tourer

A spacious and ultimately luxurious van that can effortlessly transfer a party of eight with the accompanying luggage. The quality and style of Mercedes Benz is ever present in this smooth-riding and highly comfortable vehicle that has proven to be ideal for group transfers, families, sports events, weddings.

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